RF Design

RF Design

Elint Innovations Engineering has extensive RF and microwave design capabilities from HF to Ku-Band, including: RF systems, such as transceivers, transmitters and receivers, RF subsystems, such as communications modules, RF upconverters, RF downconverters, RF front ends, RF power amplifiers, bidirectional amplifiers (T/R modules), high-performance RF filters, including diplexers, triplexers and quadruplexers, noise sources, synthesizers, modulators, multipliers, IF chains, low noise amplifiers, etc.

Elint Innovations utilizes state-of-the-art design and simulation tools, test and measurement equipment, RF screen cages, and prototyping equipment to verify its high-performance designs prior to transitioning to low rate initial production (LRIP). Elint Innovations Engineering is a premier supplier of Radio Frequency (RF) Systems, Products, and Engineering Services designed to customer requirements.

Elint Innovations is an RF powerhouse with the singular mission of delivering unsurpassed RF Products and Engineering Design Services. We are a turnkey provider for RF/microwave and wireless communication custom designs with full project management and design responsibilities; taking ownership from the conceptual idea to production. Elint Innovations has unique skill sets with expertise in a broad array of RF, microwave, analog, digital, and wireless design applications. Elint Innovations personnel are talented, experienced, innovative, and deliver on commitments.

In-House Expertise

RF Design Services — Elint Innovations Engineering offers quick-tempo RF system, subsystem and module-level design services from HF to Ku-band frequencies.

Production — Includes Automated Assembly, Through-hole and SMT Production, etc.

Test — Includes Production Testing, Automated Testing, Qualification Testing, and Environmental Testing

Rapid Prototyping — Includes in-house PCB layout and fabrication and on-site machine shop

Engineering Services — Elint Innovations Engineering offers a wide breadth of Engineering Services related to the deployment, testing, evaluation and sustainment of advanced communications and telemetry systems.

  • System Sustainment
  • Depot-Level Maintenance
  • RF Propagation Analysis
  • PCB Layout
  • Mechanical Design
  • Embedded Systems